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Ferrari Challenge cars are not street Leagel.
Street-legal track toys and purpose-built race cars serve distinct purposes and are designed with different priorities in mind. Here’s a comparison between the two:

Intended Use:

Street-Legal Track Toy: These vehicles are primarily designed for enthusiasts who want a car that can be driven on public roads but still perform exceptionally well on a racetrack. They offer a compromise between daily drivability and track performance.

Purpose-Built Race Car: These cars are built solely for racing on closed circuits. They are not intended for street use and are optimized for maximum performance on the track.

Street Legality:

Street-Legal Track Toy: These cars meet the legal requirements for driving on public roads, including safety features, emissions standards, and other road-legal specifications.

Purpose-Built Race Car: Race cars are not street-legal. Some lack the necessary features like headlights, turn signals, or emissions controls required for road use.

Comfort and Amenities:

Street-Legal Track Toy: Typically, track toys retain some level of comfort and amenities for everyday driving. They may have air conditioning, sound systems, and comfortable seating.

Purpose-Built Race Car: Race cars prioritize weight reduction and performance over comfort. They often have minimal interiors, racing seats, and no amenities.

The Ferrari Club Challenge or Ferrari Challenge,